Discover all the news of the purchase of short term cash credit | Loan consolidation

Your February 2, 2002 submission from your broker specialized in processing banking transactions with the typical characters “Loan Consolidation” and ” Loan Repurchase Credit ” ( Loan RAC ). New developments have been made to the product intended for the realization of new project (s) carried by the individual owning a property, and presenting a […]

Renegotiate its current mortgage rate in the Toulouse region and throughout France

  Mortgage lending   To renegotiate your current mortgage rate in the Toulouse area and throughout France, Credit Grayhold advises and supports you. Specialist in credit pooling, mortgage lending and credit insurance, your credit broker offers turnkey solutions to renegotiate your borrowing rate and benefit from the lowest rates on the market. To save you […]

Why use a broker to choose your home loan insurance?

You have started or are about to take steps to buy real estate and are wondering why hire a broker to choose your home loan insurance. Mortgage loan insurance is not compulsory In theory, mortgage loan insurance is not compulsory. But in theory only, because in fact, it is required by all the lenders anxious to guarantee […]

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